On the road again

For a couple of years now I haven’t really been doing school visits, just the odd one here and there. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been helping my wife, Jay, through a series of complex foot operations, which has required me to be at home a lot. To compound matters, Jay’s elderly mum has not been well. So with Jay out of action, I’ve effectively been caring for the pair of them. That situation has now resolved itself, and I’m ready to do some events again.

I’ve visited hundreds of schools, libraries and festivals over the past twenty-five years. I talk a lot about dragons, of course. But mainly I tell the stories behind the books. And sometimes I talk about the writing process as well. That’s my thing: talking. I’m not into workshops, I’m afraid. I’m simply not very good at it. Many authors do them extremely well. And if workshops or planned writing activities are what you’re after, then it’s best to swerve me and look elsewhere. But if you want someone who can engage the kids, and tell them daft anecdotes, and make them laugh, then drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

I’m now in my mid-sixties. I don’t plan to haul myself around the country with quite as much vigour as I used to. A hundred visits a year was not uncommon for me back in the day, when I was based in Leicester. I’m in south Devon now, which is not so easy to work your way out of. But if invited, I will travel. Just bear in mind the likely costs involved.

I’m especially keen to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Fire Within, the first book of The Last Dragon Chronicles. TFW has sold over a million copies worldwide and is far and away my most successful book. It’s a great book for KS2 children, and often encourages them to read the whole series of seven. And it’s not all about dragons. If you look at my website www.icefire.co.uk you can read a little about how the book came about. It’s quite an interesting piece of serendipity. The great thing about The Last Dragon Chronicles is that they bridge the gap between KS2 and the lower end of KS3. I’ll happily talk to Year 7s about them. And other series are available! My Erth Dragons books look at dragon mythology through dragon eyes (which was a challenge). And if you like something a bit weird and chilling, there is my “X-Files for kids’ series”, The UNICORNE Files (nowt to do with unicorns, sorry).

So, there you have it. I’m available and ready to answer enquiries. You can contact me at this address: dragonmail1@btinternet.com or via Twitter if you prefer @chrisdlacey. Look forward to hearing from you. Hrrr!

5 thoughts on “On the road again”

  1. Hi Chris! I have to say that I am a huge fan of the last dragon chronicles and read them over and over! You are very good at writing and is there any chance of another book?


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